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Suspension of activity in Russia following UK sanction publication


In light of the recent Russian Federation military special operation in Ukraine, the United Kingdom has imposed sanctions on Russia: on the ability to facilitate services in Russia, on Russian products, and on some Russian entities. Following discussions with the Code Manager and the Issuer, GNS, the I-REC Standard Foundation has confirmed the Code Manager’s requirement to suspend agreements with Russian entities in line with the requirements of license providers and expectations of sanctions as defined in section 1.3 of the UK sanctions documentation. This means that I-REC Services, the I-REC for electricity Code Manager, is permitted, as required, to suspend service provision to Russian entities including GNS with immediate effect. 

10 March 2022


GNS signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Ulyanovsk region and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation


The Association of Energy Market Participants "Goal Number Seven" signed a memorandum of cooperation in the development of renewable energy in the Ulyanovsk region with the Government of the Ulyanovsk region and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Russia. The document was signed by the CEO of GNS Tatiana Lanshina, Head of the Representative Office of the Friedrich Ebert in Russia Peer Teschendorf and Acting Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region Alexei Russkikh.

8 June 2021

ветер copy.jpg

The Russian wind energy market

has surpassed 1 GW


Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the World Wind Energy Association, in cooperation with the Russia Renewable Energy Development Association (RREDA), the Goal Number Seven Association, as well as governments of the Ulyanovsk and Astrakhan regions, published the report “Russia's Wind Energy Market: Potential for New Economy Development”. The author of the study is Tatiana Lanshina, Ph.D. in Economics, CEO of the Goal Number Seven Association, Senior Research Associate at RANEPA.

16 March 2021

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GNS has published a paper on the unsubsidized solar energy market in Russia


Goal Number Seven, together with the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Russia, has released a study entitled "The Unsubsidized Solar Energy Market in Russia: on the Brink of Explosive Growth". The author is Tatiana Lanshina, Ph.D. in Economics, CEO of the Association "Goal Number Seven", Senior Researcher at RANEPA.

The paper covers the development trends of solar energy in Russia without government subsidies, economics of this industry and the perspectives of solar microgeneration. Special attention is paid to examples of completed projects. Levelized cost of energy (LCOE) assessment for solar electricity is carried out, the results of calculation are presented in a table and in a map.

01 March 2021


Developments in Russian

market for I-RECs


Following the acceptance of Russia as an authorized issuance country under the I-REC Standard on the 18th of February 2020, the first I-RECs have been issued for devices in the country. Stakeholders and market players are confident in the development of a robust market for EACs in Russia growing in 2021. The strong developments in the first month that issuance was authorized supported these claims.  

24 February 2021


Baker McKenzie advised

"Goal Number Seven"


Baker McKenzie advised GNS on a pro bono basis on various matters arising in the course of launching the I-REC system. In particular, they advised GNS on adapting the I-RECs global template registration and issuance agreement in line with Russian law, facilitated discussions with power producers on numerous legal and tax issues of the I-RECs, advised GNS on a request to the state authorities for clarifications regarding the possible tax treatment of I-REC.


5 February 2021


Sberbank joins I-REC international energy tracking standard 


Sberbank has signed an agreement with the international non-profit organization I-REC Standard Foundation on joining the international energy tracking standard I-REC as a market participant. The agreement will enable the largest Russian bank to provide support to stakeholders and create a fundamentally new and innovative market for Renewable Energy Certificates in Russia.

24 December 2020


En+ Group commences trading International renewable energy certificates

En+ Group, the world’s leading producer of low carbon aluminium and largest private sector generator of hydropower, has become the first energy producer and supplier in Russia permitted to trade international renewable energy certificates (I-RECs). 


21 December 2020

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