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Suspension of activity in Russia following UK sanction publication

10 March 2022

In light of the recent Russian Federation military special operation in Ukraine, the United Kingdom has imposed sanctions on Russia: on the ability to facilitate services in Russia, on Russian products, and on some Russian entities.

The I-REC for electricity service and associated registry depend on multiple organizations in many countries for their operation including specific license agreements for technology. Many of these organizations have placed restrictions on the use of their products and services in Russia, either under explicit sanction legislation within their country of operation or for commercial reasons. These restrictions include core elements required for the operation of the I-REC for electricity service within Russia. As such, the I-REC Standard Foundation has been duly informed by the I-REC for electricity Code Manager, I-REC Services, that there is an unavoidable impact on their work under the UK sanctions and restrictions.

Following discussions with the Code Manager and the Issuer, GNS, the I-REC Standard Foundation has confirmed the Code Manager’s requirement to suspend agreements with Russian entities in line with the requirements of license providers and expectations of sanctions as defined in section 1.3 of the UK sanctions documentation. This means that I-REC Services, the I-REC for electricity Code Manager, is permitted, as required, to suspend service provision to Russian entities including GNS with immediate effect. Russian entities impacted by this measure can reach out to the I-REC Standard secretariat at or the I-REC Services helpdesk at for more information.

The I-REC Standard Foundation will continue to monitor the situation and will frequently re-evaluate and determine if changes to the current policy are necessary under the national laws of the relevant countries.

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