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GNS has published a paper on the unsubsidized solar

energy market in Russia

March 1, 2021

Association "Goal number seven" in conjunction with the Foundation. Heinrich Böll in Russia has released a study entitled “The unsubsidized solar energy market in Russia: in anticipation of explosive growth”. Author - Tatiana Lanshina, Ph.D. in Economics, General Director of the Association "Goal Number Seven", Senior Researcher, RANEPA.

The work covers in detail the trends in the development of solar energy in Russia without government subsidies, the features of the economy of this industry and the prospects for the development of solar microgeneration in the country. Special attention is paid to examples of completed projects. An assessment of the cost of generating electricity from solar energy is carried out, the calculation results are clearly presented in the form of a table and a map.

According to the study, solar energy is already competitive in Russia. The minimum cost of electricity production at solar power plants (SPP) in Russia at the beginning of 2021 is 3.6 rubles / kW * h. Such a low value is possible in the case of a micro-SPP for business with an installed capacity of several hundred kilowatts in regions with relatively high insolation. In a number of regions, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) pay for electricity from the network more than 7-8 rubles per 1 kW * h, and in this case, the construction of your own micro-SPP allows you to achieve significant savings, especially if the facility is located in the south of the country.

You can download the study on the "Projects" page:

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